Friday, May 2, 2014

Weekend Fun and Events

Last weekend we went to an Expo in Phoenix where our foster brother, Ozzie, had his meet and greet. If you haven't heard, Ozzie did get adopted! We're so happy for him and
are now waiting for our next foster sibling. Everyone came to the event to represent for Wind Wolf Photography and Arizona Cattle Dog Rescue. We met tons of people and even got to photograph someone's personal dog in addition to some foster dogs like Missy. We were great little helpers at the event and it's the first one we've all been to together. We're all learning how to be PhoDogs and will each get more individual training time as well as group training time.

Bella is a seasoned pro!
Manning the station
Keeping ourselves entertained ;) Terra got a beautiful bandanna and cute little tug toy from 4 puppz and a cat.
The bandanna is totally her!

When there were lulls between people coming around we all came out and hung out in the booth.
Eventually we won't have crates and will all get to be free like Bella because we will all be well behaved and not go try to explore on our own.
Oh Kronos-what are you doing?!?

Kronos trying to fight falling asleep
Kronos was so tired after the event that he couldn't keep his head up!
We have a couple of more events coming up! Tomorrow Terra will be representing WWP at the Arizona Feed Store Expo at AZ Feeds Country Store. Then we will be at an adoption event for Arizona Cattle Dog Rescue at the Tucson Petco. We also have a fun surprise coming up so check back to find out what it is and make sure you're subscribed to our Blog to get our updates!

Have a wonderful Friday friends and a great weekend!

Live Life to the Fullest,
Tiffany, Bella, Terra, & Kronos


  1. we love hearing about a furbaby finding their forever home...we hope he will be happy

  2. Have a super Saturday and enjoy your fun packed weekend.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. So glad that you had a great time. I love your photography. I wish I could have taken at least one of our dogs to our Expo, but they're country dogs and not familiar with the big city :)


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