Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Sweet Treats and Delectable Dogs & Giveaway

Easter time means lots of sweet treats! We have received a ton of packages over the past few weeks and have gotten a little backlogged! Quick sidenote-since there wasn't a winner from our Easter Sunday Funday Scavenger Hunt, we'll be combining the prize into a bigger package for a future giveaway.

One of our packages was the prize from the Easter Photo Contest that was hosted through FidoseofReality. Bella's photo was one of the winners. And we received a package of chocolates from SweetWorks.

Is this for us, mom?
*Note that some doggie appropriate treats were put in the package to encourage appropriate exploration of the package.

11" chocolate rabbit?! Oh my-how much chocolate can one person eat (the prize package was $50 of chocolate)
anyone else want some?!

This is how everyone feels about posing right when we wake up-no one was super thrilled about it.
The consensus is that next time there needs to be a little more wake up time before posing.

Well, luckily we had also received a package from along with a package from Pet360 and another package! In the Chewy box we received some Nature's Variety Instinct Raw Boost Minis Chicken Formula.
These look like more of our kind of treats!
The treats are:
  • Made in the USA
  • 100% Freeze dried ingredients
  • Grain-free and
  • A great size for training (plus the treats claim they are only 2 calories per treat ;))

Guest appearance by our foster sibling Ozzie who got adopted
We also won the BlogPaws March Photo Contest! For that we received a $25 credit for Pet360. After much deliberation we decided on the JW Treat Wobbler! We were in need of some new puzzles since the ones we already have are now finished pretty quickly.
Bella finally waking up a bit ;) Kronos thinks this prospect is rather entertaining!
Terra and Kronos have each gotten a chance to try out the Treat Wobbler (the next time we do puzzles, Bella will get to try it). They enjoyed the new puzzle-for their first time the difficulty level was set to easy. The next time we'll increase the difficulty level. To change the difficulty the various levels can be shifted to make it harder to get the kibble from the top to the bottom.

We are incredibly excited to have finally gotten our copy of the DIY Dog Grooming book by Jorge Bendersky. Jorge is a celebrity dog groomer, and we actually got to meet him with his canine sidekick Tito (that's how we found out about his book). Since Terra has so much hair and requires serious grooming (her first real grooming experience was a pretty bad hack job! But luckily hair grows back so we can experiment some more and learn together ;)), we are exploring more about grooming. This book is our intro to grooming. It is a really easy, and quick read with great photographs and easy to follow instructions. The book talks about various coat types, proper grooming equipment, and even shows how to do a variety of styles (like the Puppy Cut, which we don't think we'll be trying on Terra).

This book will be helping us learn how to make Terra as stunning as she naturally is, though it will also help with proper maintenance with Bella and Kronos.
Whew! The last two packages we received were prizes from a couple of giveaways hosted over on Golden Woofs and To Dog With Love. We are regular readers and followers at Sugar's and Rocco's Blogs and enjoy following both of them-We definitely recommend that you check out Rocco Havanese's Blog and Sugar the Golden's Blog if you haven't already.

One of the prizes was a PetSafe Dog Training Prize Pack! The prize pack included the Treat Dispenser, a Clicker, Indigo Smokehouse Strips, Liver Biscotti treats, and a training pouch! The training pouch we use right now is in a very sad state and is broken (some of you may know that Kronos is perfectly aware that the pouch is broken and he uses his knowledge to steal treats from it every chance he gets).

The treats are an absolute hit! Everyone gets very excited about the Liver Biscotti and Smokehouse Strips. We'll be keeping the clicker in a safe place with our other myriad of clickers until we lose or break the ones we are using right now (we thought we had lost all of our clickers, but once we had unpacked most of our things from our move we found a ton of clickers!). We haven't gotten a chance to use the treat dispenser yet, but we will be trying it out for when guests arrive.

Prize Pack from a giveaway hosted through To Dog With Love
Our last package was a small package, but sometimes the best things come in the smallest of packages! This package contained Louisiana Alligator Jerky treats from DelcaCorp! We got two flavors-the Blueberry and the Sweet Potato flavors.
Delicious Alligator treats from a giveaway hosted through Golden Woofs
We were highly impressed with these treats and the information sheet that came with them!
  • The ingredients come from sustainable family farms and fisheries in the Lousiana bayou
  • The treats are great training size and easy to break up (though a little crumbly!)
  • Made in the USA
Definitely two paws up from each pup around here!

We hope you enjoyed perusing this long post and maybe you even found some new treat ideas for your pups to try! Let us know in the comments if there's anything you think your pups just have to try!

Make sure to enter this giveaway today to give your pups a chance to get some treats of their own!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Live Life to the Fullest,
Tiffany, Bella, Terra, & Kronos

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  1. I always joke that my dogs get more mail than me, but I love it. (It is true, though)

    I get pleasure out of seeing a box on the porch.

    1. It's the same around here! lol But whenever it's a package for the pups, I still get super excited for them :)

  2. those were a lot of goodies you got.....we love the alligator treats but they sure do smell :)

    1. They are very smelly! But that must be why everyone gets super excited about them lol :)

  3. OMD so many goodies. Lucky you. Enjoy. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly


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